VAT reforms EU from Juli 1st 2021

From 1 July 2021, some VAT reforms will apply within the European Union. This has a number of consequences. The most important consequence: from 1. July we must calculate VAT based on the country where you live. Unfortunately VAT varies from 17-27% so prices will vary too. So, we can no longer show all customers the same price. A customer from the Netherlands will pay 21% VAT, while a customer from Sweden will see a higher price for the same product because there is a VAT rate of 25%. This is the only reason why different prices are shown in different situations.

Customers from different countries (Shopping regions) will see different prices based on the VAT rates applicable in their country if they select a 'Shopping region'. If you do not select a 'Shopping region' region, the shop will show you the prices including Dutch VAT. You can select your country with the 'flag menu' in the top.

If you do not select a Shopping Region, the price can be corrected at check-out. When selecting a shipping address, the VAT will be adjusted to your Shopping Region. The final price is determined after you have selected a destination country.

More info here.

For companies within the EU with a valid VAT number, or for customers from outside the EU, it is still possible to purchase VAT free.