Measuring surrounds by yourself

Sometimes we receive inquiries from customers who want to measure their own speaker surrounds because they can not find specific surround in our shop. Below is an instruction for self-measurement of your old speaker surround.

The most important size measurement is the cone size. This size can best be determined after a woofer has cleaned the old edge is removed. If you have a set of woofers we recommend to clean one woofer completely, and leave the other in its original condition (don't remove the old surround) so you can measure some more sizes if needed. The "clean" woofer you use to determine the cone size. The cone size is the size in the picture below.


You now have the main information collected. If you let us know the cone size, in most cases wa can advice you a surround to use. If you want to gather more information, you can measure the full dimensions of the old surround . Use the woofer you still have not cleaned (still has the old surround fitted) and use the diagram below:

Four sizes of a speaker surround

A: outer size of the surround
B: outer size of the 'bulge'
C: cone size, you already determined this size in step one
D: inner size of the surround, if the surround is glued behind the speaker cone this size is very hard to determine

If you want to measure an oval surround there's more variables. To make things easy, we only need four numbers. Please follow the diagram below. From these four numbers we can deduct the other numbers.

Sizes of an oval speaker surround

A: outer size of the surround
C1: conesize of the speaker, measured along the 'long side'
C2: conesize of the speaker, measured along the 'short side'
X: width of the roll of the surround

Best of luck!