Infinity midrange for Kappa 200, 400 and 600 now available
The Infinity Kappa 200 / 400 / 600 midrange (9760510) that we had on order for a while is now available in limited numbers. You will find the midrange here.

Delivery may be delayed due to 'Black Friday'
The large number of shipments that have to be sent by the Post around Black Friday may cause a delayed delivery. Do you take this into account?

Speaker art 'Global City Soundscape'
The artist JAYKOE ( has made an installation of a number of speakers named 'Global City Soundscape'. We supplied the dust caps.
Installation of loudspeakers named 'Global City Soundscape' by artist Jaykoe
More info here.

Available (again) soon: tweeter for infinity Kappa 400 / 600 and midrange for Kappa 200 / 400 / 600
They had been sold out for a while, but we found a few more tweeters for the Infinity Kappa 400 / 600. Coincidentally, there were also a dozen Infinity Kappa 200 / 400 / 600 midranges, which we also bought. We expect to be able to offer these articles within two weeks. It is possible to book in advance by e-mail.

Tweeters for DM60x S3 speakers can no longer be ordered
Yesterday B&W informed us that the tweeters for the DM60x S3 series are no longer available. The old stock they had is now gone. These are tweeters for the:

DM601 S3
DM602 S3
DM603 S3
DM604 S3
It goes for both the color black and the color gray

We still have a small stock. When this is sold out, we can no longer supply tweeters for the DM60x S3 series.

Looking for your story....
We are looking for people who have (succesfully?) exchanged their B&W 800D (diamond) tweeter for another tweeter, for instance a B&W metal dome tweeter from another series. We are very curious how that all worked out. If you have done this, or tried it, feel free to share your experience.

New European sales tax legislation
On 1 July last, the sales tax legislation was changed. The most important change is that we now have to charge sales tax based on the customer's country. We used to be able to calculate Dutch sales tax for everyone. From now on we have to charge different prices to customers from different countries. The software is now set up for this.

Corona update
From Saturday 26 June, the Corona restrictions in the Netherlands will be lifted, we hope that from that moment the normal delivery times for mail will apply again.

King's Day
Because of King's Day we're not able to ship orders on April 27th. We will dispatch these orders on April 28th..

Rare B&W parts found in South Korea
An investigation showed that B&W in South Korea had a number of B&W parts in stock which apparently were difficult to sell, we bought these parts from them. All parts are original new B&W parts and all parts have been checked by B&W in the UK before being delivered to us. This includes the following components:

ZZ10111 (DM601/2/3/4 tweeter)
ZC10111 (DM601-604 diaphragm)
ZC10383 (SS30 diaphragm)
ZZ05460 (DM610/620/630/640 tweeter)

The stock of these parts is limited, once we have sold these parts it will be even more difficult than before to obtain these parts. As soon as we have photographed the parts, we will place them in our shop. If you are desperate for one of these parts, you can reserve a part, while stocks last.

Deliveries to the UK since Brexit
Ever since Brexit deliveries to the UK are a hit or miss. A delivery either takes a few working days, or a few weeks. Why? We've got no clue. All we can say is it seems traced shipments pass faster than regular mail. Please choose a traced shipping service if you need your parts urgently. If you choose regular mail count on delays.

Lockdown and delayed delivery
A lockdown of five weeks until at least the 3rd 20th of April starts today in the Netherlands. This lockdown (together with the amount of Christmas mail) will cause delayed deliveries. Do you take this into account?

Shipping to the United States only with track and trace
Due to the Corona crisis, shipments to the United States take so long (six to eight weeks) that we have spoken to many customers in recent weeks who doubt whether their order (sent as regular mail) has actually been shipped. As of today, to provide assurance to our customers, we ship all shipments to the United States with a tracking number only. Unfortunately, this means that the shipping costs can be relatively high with an order.

Delivery still delayed
The delivery times have not been shortened over the last weeks...

Within the Netherlands: 2-3 working days
United Kingdom: 20-25 business days
United States and Canada: 30-50 business days
Western Europe: 5-10 working days
Rest of Europe: 8-12 working days

This is based on the information we collected up to June 19th.