Replacing speaker cloth

Replace your speaker cloth.

Speaker cloth that needs to be replaced

For this repair you need:

  • Sufficient speaker cloth
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A chisel / knife
  • Sandpaper
  • A pair of pliers
  • Aipe
  • Degreasing agent, for example, ammonia

Remove the old loudspeaker cloth of the frame. Sometimes it's so well glued you need pliers to remove it.
Replace speaker cloth: remove the old cloth from the grill / frame

Remove the adhesive residue from the frame with a chisel.
Replace speaker cloth: remove the remains of the old cloth from the grille / frame

Make the frame a bit rougher with sandpaper so that the new adhesive will bond well.
Replace speaker cloth: use sandpaper to roughen the surface of the grille / frame

Wipe the frame to clean it, preferably with a degreasing agent.
Replace speaker cloth: use a degreaser to clean the grille / frame

Place the frame / frames on the loudspeaker cloth. If you use two pieces of cloth for two frames make sure you check the weaving (whiff) is the same for both. If the direction of the weaving is different there will be an (optical) color difference. This can be overcome by ordering a larger piece of cloth (for example, 2 x 1 meter). You can specify it in your order in the 'comments field'.
Replace speaker cloth: measure the size of speaker cloth needed for your grille / frame

Cut the speaker cloth tailored for each frame. Cut large enough to hold a wafer edge around.
Replace speaker cloth: cut the speaker cloth to the right size.

Coat the frame with glue. Don't use too little.
Replace speaker cloth: apply glue to the speaker grille / frame

Wait for the glue to be nearly dry - the glue is nearly transparant.
Replace speaker cloth: wait for the glue to dry a little bit

Glue the speaker cloth to the speaker frame.
Replace speaker cloth: glue the speaker cloth to the speaker frame / grille

Fold the speaker cloth tightly around the frame, we glued the long sides first and then the short sides. At the corners, you can use some extra glue.
Replace speaker cloth: make sure the speaker cloth is folded tightly around the grille

Cut off the excess speaker cloth.
Replace speaker cloth: remove the excess speaker cloth

And finished! We use a coarse black speaker cloth to repair this loudspeaker.
Replace speaker cloth: final result with a coarse black speaker cloth

Extra tip, stretch the fabric on large frames:
Styrofoam keeps this large grille in shape while replacing the speaker cloth
Large grilles, such as those of the Beolab Penta, are sometimes very flexible. So flexible that it is very difficult to stretch the speaker cloth (nicely) tight because the frame 'bends'. We received the above tip from a customer: a piece of styrofoam in the frame gives the frame more rigidity when the canvas is stretched.

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