Glue for speaker repair - 18 cc

Special glue for foam & rubber surrounds, dust caps, etc

Glue for speaker repair - 18 cc
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This is water-based glue. Do you have a mailbox on the road (outside your home), and there's very cold winter weather, the adhesive may freeze. After freezing, the adhesive has become unusable.

Glue that has been frozen can be identified by:
  • It's hard / impossible to shake the glue, it is no longer liquid.
  • The glue clots. Usually white cots can be seen on the brush.
  • The glue is watery when the brush gets out. You see the condensation on the brush.
Speaker glue with condensation - don't use it

Shelf life: up to 3 months.

Special water-based, permanent-flexible adhesive for speaker repair. This bottle contains 18 cc glue.

This glue is suitable for:

  • Gluing foam surrounds to a speaker cone / frame
  • Gluing rubber surrounds to speaker cone / frame
  • Gluing fabric surrounds to speaker cone / frame
  • Gluing dust-caps to a speaker cone
  • Gluing gaskets

This glue is not suitable for gluing spiders and voice coils.

One bottle is enough adhesive for:
- 2 twelve-inch surrounds, or
- 4 eight inch surrounds, or
- 8 four inch surrounds

This is a water based adhesive. Keep the adhesive in a frost-free room.

Surface must be flat, dry, and free dust and grease. Apply the glue with brush or roller. The Elastic adhesive dries relatively quickly. If thicker layers are applied, or the adhesive is used with less porous materials , the drying time will be significantly longer. The glue is dry when the color is transparent and the original white is gone. The adhesive can be applied both single- and double-sided. For a higher final strength and longer drying / processing time we recommend to apply the glue doublesided. Remove wet glue immediately with a wet cloth, dried adhesive residue can be removed mechanically. Clean tools immediately after use with water.

Base: acrylic dispersion
Solids content: about 60%
Density: approximately 1 g / cm ³
Viscosity about 5000 mPa's
25 °C pH value: 5.5
Min. processing temperature (MFT): 10 ° C
Wet color: white
Dry color: transparent
Odor: odorless (slightly acidic)
Number of components: 1
Temperature resistance (dried): -40 ° C to +160 ° C
Moisture resistance: good (if applied doublesided)
Open time: infinite - lasting tack
Drying time: Depending on the circumstances of 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Consumption: 250 g / m²

Safety sheet
In case of problems the safety sheet is available here.


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Great praise for your glue, it's the best I've used , among many , because it solidifies slow and elastic.
Great glue
Thanks for the quality material. The glue is really great.
probably one of the best I ever used
I think your glue it's probably one of the best I ever used, exceptional adhesive properties, never crystallize, remains elastic, adhere practically on all speaker materials, from cone to basket.