The SARS-CoV-2 virus has affected billions of people worldwide, and we have been affected too. And it all takes much longer than we expected.

For us, the consequences have so far been limited. We have not seen any infections within our company, nor in our immediate vicinity. Deliveries to us arrived with significant delays, but they arrive, and things are finally improving. This means that we are not short of stock. Because certain manufacturers have not yet (fully) started their production, a few branded items may be temporarily unavailable. Especially B&W's production suffers from delays. However, these are exceptions.

The consequences are probably greater for you, our customers. Due to the very large number of pacels and the (still) reduced number of flights, deliveries can still take longer than usual. There are some delays within the Netherlands and within Europe, but there are huge delays in intercontinental transport in particular. For example, deliveries to the United States can still take up to four weeks.

We wish you all best.