The SARS-CoV-2 virus has affected hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and we cannot escape it either. It all takes much longer than expected. Until at least January 14, 2022, the Netherlands has entered a new lockdown. This means that there will be (even) more delays in the delivery of orders.

Because some manufacturers have not yet fully started production, or have stopped production due to new restrictions and shortages of energy, it is possible that a single brand item is temporarily unavailable or delivered with a delay. In particular, B&W's production continues to experience significant delays, especially when products have yet to be produced.

For you, our customers, the consequences are probably bigger. Due to the wide range of packages, new lock downs and new canceled flights, orders can again take (much) longer than usual. Within the Netherlands and within Europe there are relatively few delays at the moment, but there are still delays in intercontinental transport in particular. For example, deliveries to the United States can still take up to three weeks.

We wish you all the best.