Who? What?

Many web shops operate on the internet, but more and more web shops are simply subcontractors or dropshippers. They are a link between a large marketplace such as Alibaba, Aliexpress or Amazon and you, the customer. They do not keep a stock themselves, but mediate in sales. They pass your purchase on to, for example, Alibaba and your purchase will be shipped by local (Chinse) mail, which they often call a 'local partner'. They are merely an intermediary between you and a distant producer or dealer. Your purchases will be delivered by, for example, the Chinese post and returns can be returned to (for example) China.

That's not how we work. We deliver our articles from our own stock, from our own depot in the province of North Holland.

Good Hifi VOF are not dropshippers, we provide speaker parts from our own stock

We send all our shipments by PostNL.
We are known by PostNL

We employ local employees who work with us with a normal employment contract according to Dutch law. All items we offer are available directly from stock and are located in the Netherlands. We are therefore not just a subcontractor who passes on your purchase order to another organization, you do business with us directly. One on one, without intermediaries.