Replace diaphragm in bullet tweeter

How to replace a diaphragm in a Bullet tweeter

Bullet tweeter with broken diaphragm

Make sure you have completely cleaned your work table before you start the replacement. In particular, avoid the presence of metals (dirt). Place the tweeter on the back, the horn of the tweeter (throat) is usually fixed with screws at the front. Loosen them.
Opening a Bullet tweeter

Bullet tweeter - horn removed

The horn of the tweeter has been removed, the frame of the diaphragm (1), the moving part of the diaphragm (2) and the bullet (3) is visible.
The bullet must now be removed. It is usually fixed with a screw that protrudes through the magnet, but is sometimes inserted into the hole of the diaphragm. Turn the bullet counterclockwise. If necessary (and if present... not always the case...), unscrew the screw at the back of the magnet at the same time.
Bullet tweeter is opened, diaphragm and bullet visible

Bullet tweeter - bullet removed

The bullet is loosened and the diaphragm can be removed. Visible are the frame of the diaphragm (1), the ring of the diaphragm held by the bullet (2) and the screw of the bullet (3).
Bullet tweeter with removed bullet, the diaphragm can be removed

Replace the diaphragm after cleaning the magnet gap

Gently lift the diaphragm and remove it from the magnet (1). Also visible are the screw of the bullet (2) and the diaphragm (3). Before placing a new aperture, first make sure the air gap (4) in which the diaphragm coil was located is cleaned. Clean with some tape, or take a look here. top.

Bullet tweeter with diaphragm removed