REL Q100 / Q100E subwoofer refoam

Replacing the foam surround of a REL Q100 / Q100E woofer

1. Remove the woofer from the cabinet. Remove the gasket, the old foam surround and carefully clean the back of the speakercone as well as possible. If necessary, remove the dust cap to facilitate centering later. Also clean the frame of the woofer as much as possible.
REL Q100E subwoofer with a damaged foam surround

2. The old foam surround has been removed, the frame has been cleaned and the old dust cap has been removed. Without a dust cap, it is easier to center the woofer.
REL Q100E woofer - clean and with dust cap removed

3. The following are now required for the repair: a foam surround, a dust cap (80 mm), glue and possibly a syringe.
Foamrand en stofkap voor REL Q100 / Q100E woofer

4. Shims are placed between the coil and the magnet. Thick paper is used here, we recommend photo negatives. Paper can get wet and weaken, making it difficult or impossible to remove. After placing the shims, the foam surround is glued to the cone and then to the frame. The decorative gasket has been placed back and is glued on top of the foam surround. The shims ensure that the coil remains centered.
REL Q100E woofer without dust cap with shims in place for centering

5. The shims are removed and the new dust cap is glued to the cone. More info on the dust cap here. The woofer can now be connected and placed back in the cabinet.
REL Q100E woofer na de reparatie

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