Replacing a Peavey reconekit / basket

How to replace a Peavey reconekit / basket (a.o. Scorpion, Black Widow, etc)?

Prior to assembly

Prior to replacement procedure, clean work area of all metal objects and other debris. With the speaker lying face down, remove the three screws on the back of the magnet structure.

Lift the magnet structure

When the three screws are removed, carefully lift the magnet structure vertically from the basket assembly and flip structure over with the gap up.

Clean the 'coil gap'

Clean the voice coil 'gap' to remove any foreign matter. Fold a strip of masking tape into a small triangle with the adhesive side out for this procedure.

Place the basket on the magnet

Place the magnet structure on a flat surface with the 'gap' facing upward and carefully lower the new basket assembly onto the magnet structure. Use extreme care in order to avoid damaging the voice coil.

Turn the woofer over

Firmly grasp both the basket assembly and magnet structure with both hands and carefully turn the entire assembly over on its face.

Tighten the screws

With the speaker face down, replace the three screws and tighten.

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