Tips from users

Sometimes we receive feedback from users in the form of pictures, tips, or sometimes even complete manuals. If we believe that this information can also be useful to other users, we will, after receiving permission from the creator, publish the information here at your disposal.

We emphasize here that all the information you find here is posted with permission of the creator. We place the original file in its original format. We have permission for publication, and you can read the information, or you may link to the information, but if you want to publish the information by yourself please also ask permission of the creator.

Repair of the midrange of Backes & Müller BM6
The file contains a series of tips, a kind of roadmap, forr this midrange overhaul. It contains some photos of high quality and also looks at the restoration of the matal dust-cap. The text is in English, the file is in PDF format, so you need a PDF reader to view the file. You can download the file here.

Bang and Olufsen MS150 repair
On the internet (Beoworld) we came across a very detailed description about refoaming the two woofers in the B&O MS150 by one of our customers. The description comes with very clear pictures and deals with loads of problems during the process of refoaming. Look, learn and enjoy here.

Mirsch woofer
Here you will find a discussion about the refoaming Mirsch woofers. Although the whole discussion is in Swedish​​, the discussion is easy to follow due to the many pictures. The discussion is about finding foam surrounds, repairing, and the usefulness of a broad/big bulge