Due to the unknown cause, the website was not available in English from February 20th until today. This problem has now been solved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New: precision applicator for glue
For the precise application of glue in small quantities, for example:
  • between cone and foam surround
  • on the 'lip' of a dust cap
  • on a tweeter diaphragm
The nozzle is less than 1 mm in diameter and the nozzle is blunt - the applicator can contain a maximum of 3 cc of glue. More info and examples on how to use it here.

Infinity Kappa 100 woofer
We have managed to order a few more Infinity Kappa 100 woofers. How many is not sure yet, but it seems we will get at least 10 pieces. The woofer we will receive is the official replacement woofer from the latest production batch, it has partnumber 974279 / 9742790.
When the woofers become available we will offer them in the group 'woofers'.
The woofers are now available.

Prices JBL and Infinity parts
As of 1 January, Harman has (drastically) increased the prices of a large number of spare parts, sometimes even by more than 100% compared to the price we paid in 2017. If we no longer have stock and have to replenish our stock, we will unfortunately have to charge these new prices to our customers. Unfortunately, for a few articles that is with immediate effect.

Failed update - ordering impossible on January 1st
Due to an incomplete update, ordering was not possible on January 1st . This problem has been corrected (02-01, 03:05 AM)

Shipping costs in 2018
Because the costs that are charged to us for the shipment of goods will increase as of 1 January, the costs that we pass on to our customers will also increase as of that date. We will calculate the new (higher) costs for all sales from 1 January 2018. Not the dispatch date but the purchase date thus determines which shipping costs will be charged.

New: glue in insulating packaging - frost free
Because our glue is a water-based glue, this glue runs the risk of freezing if it is stored in temperatures under zero degrees for too long. To prevent this, we now also offer our 50 ml glue in an insulating packaging. The glue is wrapped in aluminum foil, and then in several layers of bubble plastic. The result is unfortunately that it is too big to be sent as a letter, it has to be sent as a parcel.
You can find the new glue here.

Parts for B & W DM60x S3 series no longer produced
B&W has informed us that the support for the B&W DM60x S3 series has ended. This means that the current (small) stock of spare items will no longer be supplemented by B&W with new production and articles will eventually no longer be available. If you are in possession of an S3 loudspeaker, it may be useful to purchase spare parts as long as they are still available.

Website temporary unusable
Due to a failing Wi-Fi connection our website has been unusable last Saturday. The Wi-Fi connection failed during an update of the website. By now (04.27 AM GMT + 1)  the problem has been resolved. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Shop temporarily unusable and later unreachable
By adding the domain to our webshop, our site was temporarily unusable and unavailable due to an mistake made by our hoster. This problem has now been solved (14.03 Dutch time).

Replace speaker units in the cabinet and close it air tight
When you remove a speaker unit from the loudspeaker box, you usually will find a foam ring on the back of it, ensuring that the case is closed off airtight. Unfortunately, this ring also passes over time.
We now offer this 'Foam band', which lets you seal your speakers. You simply apply it with the sticking side, you can it as desired to get a thinner one, for instance for midranges.

You can find it here.

Repair manuals for B&W CDM1 tweeter
Because the & W CDM1 tweeter is no longer available, and all CDM1 tweeter will eventually suffer from hardening ferrofluid, we offer two manuals:

We advise all owners of the B&W CDM1 and similar tweeters (CDM1SE, CDM7, CDM7SE, CDMCSE, P4, P5 & CC6) to check the tweeter for the quality of the ferrofluid. This will prevent damage in the long term.

New glue (50cc) available from today.
The bottles for the 50cc glue have arrived, the item is available from now.

New glue (50 cc) not available in large quantities yet
Due to the delayed delivery of the new glue bottles, we can not deliver it in large quantities yet. We expect the new glue bottles to be delivered on Wednesday next week.
Because of this we have temporarily removed this glue from the assortment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Jamo 20531 tweeters
Jamo has contacted us about the Seas (Jamo code: 20531) tweeters used in the Concert series. We have told them we're interested, but unfortunately only one tweeter reached us undamaged. All the athers had dented domes. Once we solved this matter with Jamo the tweeter(s) might become available in our shop.

Manual for replacing the B&W N801S diaphragm now available
In the instructions section, we have added a manual for replacing a diaphragm for the B&W N801S (TS26 80) tweeter. This tweeter is no longer available and one by one the diaphragms start to break down. Using this manual and some spare parts, you can give your N801S tweeter a second life.

New product: rubber surround for B&W DM603 S3 woofer now available
Available, starting now, special rubber surrounds to repair the woofers in the DM603 S3. The surround is available in black only, but fits both the black and the grey woofers. Since the woofer itself is no longer available fro B&W and B&W won't start the production again this is your chance to safe your speakers.

Replace a rubber surround on a B&W woofer?
Finally.... A 'how to' on this subject. You can find a photo report here (or look in the 'instructions' menu). A description will be added to the pictures soon.

Shipping to Portugal only with Track and trace
Due to Portuguese Post performing really bad over the last few months we have decided all shipments to Portugal have to be shipped with track and trace and insurance. We stop offering a regular service due to a load of complaints we have received lately. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

New foam surround for VIFA / JBL unit now available
We have produced a new special foam surround for a 4 inch VIFA / JBL unit. This foam surrounds has the article code F4jbl and is a special surround for these units:
  • JBL V2204A-S
  • JBL LX2004 mid
  • JBL LX2005 mid
  • JBL LX2000 center woofer
  • JBL 9730614
  • JBL 9730617
  • VIFA Bc11sg06-12
The new foam surround is available now.

Discount codes / coupons found on the Internet
Last week we were confronted with a client who had found a coupon on the Internet. We wish to emphasize here that we never publish coupons on the Internet, and never have used or intend to use generic coupons. Every website claiming to have a discount code for our shop keeps you fool. These websites just want to attract attract 'traffic' and generate a revenue from advertisements showed to the visitors. Don't let them fool you!

Coating for paper cones now in stock
The coating for paper speaker cones we announced before is now in stock (picture is a link):

The coating is also available without the large brush.

Rare spares JBL and Infinity - now available
The lot JBL- and infinity spare parts we have taken over is now available in this shop. A small number of items is not online yet because we can not confirm yet for which series these are suitable. Another small number has already been sold.

An overview of the items from this lot that are currently available can be found here:

Infinity (link)

JBL (link)

You will find many articles no longer available elsewhere. Some items we have more than one copy in stock, you can identify these items by the number in the articlecode. If you want to know how many we have in stock, please contact us. We offer only one copy online at a time because Google regards offering identical copies as "keyword spamming" and the items will subsequently not be indexed (and thus can not be found via Google search). All items without a number in the article code are single unique articles. For all parts: Available while stock lasts.

An impression:


Soon available: special coating for paper cones
Due to popular demand available soon: a coating that can be applied to paper cones to increase stiffness. We expect to be able to provide the coating in the second week of November.

The unprocessed paper cone.

The paper cone, a layer of coating has been applied.

The paper cone, after applying two layers of coating. A small change in color is noticed but the cone has gained stiffness. A third layer can be applied.


Update and visibility of menus
During an update performed on Oct. 15th both the top menu and the 'product menu' were not visible for about twelve hours. The problem has been resolved now.

Error - no orders possible, problem solved
Due to wrong (disc-quota) settings of our internet server a software-update failed last night - because of this no orders were possible from 03.00 AM onward. By now the problem has been solved.

Yesterday, during a software update, an error occurred. As a consequence no delivery method could be selected - making ordering impossible. The error has been resolved now.

SSL certificate error
Due to an incorrect setting on our server yesterday, you may have seen a message while in the ordering process during a short period about our security (SSL) certificate - the name of the certificate and the name of the server temporarily did not match. This problem has been resolved, you can order again over a secure connection.

Replacement of your speaker cloth
Due to popular demand, we have created a manual for replacing speaker your cloth. You can find it here or look under 'instructions' in the top menu.

Soon available (limited amount): woofer for Infinity Overture Series
The woofer used in the Infinity Overture series (part number 333773-001) has long been unavailable from Infinity. Due to sufficient demand from the market Infinity has decided to produce a very limited number of woofers as a service to the owners of the Overture series. Infinity has promised us a total of twenty woofers - once sold for this type woofer those woofer will no longer be availabe. We expect to receive the woofers mid-June, the price will be approximately EUR 60,- per unit (excluding VAT).

New product: piece of foam, flat, to create a piece of foam according to your own wish
To produce your own (flat) foam surround.

The diameter of this article is 200 mm.
The thickness is 0,6 mm.

You can use this article for, for example:
  • Creating your own (flat) foam surrounds
  • Creating a piece of foam to use with tweeters (eg Focal, Eminence) or to cover a cabinet (JBL) to increase damping

New product: foam surround for JBL / Harman Kardon Go + Play now available
Available, starting now, special foam surrounds to repair the small woofers in the JBL Go + Play.

New: your orders will be processed using HTTPS (encryption) from now on.
Starting now all orders will be processed using the HTTPS protocol. This means the connection between your computer and our server is encrypted and third parties can not see your personal data.

Do you know that your B&W tweeter may simply be repaired?
Some tweeters from B&W are no longer available, for instance tweeters from expensive series like CDM 1, CDM 1SE, CDM 7, CDM 7SE, Reference P4, Reference P5 etcetera. These tweeters all stop working properly over time - but they are usually not really broken!
Although the tweeters don't play well, or maybe don't even produce sound, they are usually not fysically broken. The problem usually is the liquid used between the voice coil and magnet hardened. This fluid is called 'ferrofluid'. If you replace this fluid you can make your tweeters sound like new for less then 20 EURO.
Know more? You can find the full story here. The part that will enable you to repair your tweeters can be found here.

Available now: foam surround for VIFA P17WH-26 woofer / midrange
Every now and then we see a special unit, like this one from VIFA. A 4 inch speakercone fitted with a wide rolled foam surround to allow maximal excursion. We have produced this foam surround, and it's available now. The brand Piega used many of these units in their speakers, so if you own a Piega you might be looking for this one.


B&W parts no longer available from B&W
B&W has announced to us the following items are no longer in stock and will not be produced again:

Tweeter 600 S1 U/S Blk Dia Metal Dome
600 s1
600 s1

Tweeter 600 S2 U/S Blk Dia Ali Dome
600 s2
600 s2
Tweeter LCR6 S2 SH Ali Dome
600 s2

Tweeter 500 600 U/S Metal Dome
DM5xx, 61x, 62x, 63x,64x series & SCM8

Tweeter CM2/4/6 U/S Ali Dome

Bass Unit 6" Kev Blk Surr&D-Cap U/S
601 s2
Bass Unit 7" Kev Blk Surr&D-Cap U/S
602/603/604/605 s2
LF 603S2
603 s2

Some of those we still have in stock. Whilse stock lasts, we can provide the parts. After that we're sorry, but we can't.

Replacement for Infinity Polyspherite tweeters available
For years infinity wasn't able to supply replacements for the Polyspherite tweeters. Some time ago Infinity has resumed production of the tweeter 902-6682. This tweeter is an official replacement for the following original Polyspherite tweeters:


Please note that if you have another tweeter than the 90-6682 and you replace it with the 902-6682 Infinity advises to replace both the tweeters.
The tweeter can be ordered and now will be delivered from July 7th.

And again...
The software our webshop uses suffered from one or more corrupt files making it inoperable. This problem has been resolved too. Everything is back online. We're sorry for any onconvience caused.